Gran Canaria Guide

Gran Canaria, (although small – only 1,532 square kilometers) has it a widely varying topography, climate, flora and fauna. There are spiecies of animals indigenous to the archipelago, along with a rich tapestry of history.

Did you know for example, that Christopher Columbus stopped here in Gran Canaria to replenish supplies before setting off to find a new route to China – and inadvertently discovered America in the process! Indeed, in Las Palmas (the capitol city of Gran Canaria) you can still visit Casa Colon (The house of Columbus).

Although, of course Canarian history far preceeds this event! The original inhabitants of the island, (known as The Guanchees), were supercided by the Turks, and eventually, the Islands became collectively part of Spain.

Gran Canaria grows fruits and vegetables which are exported world wide, and the island specialises in many varieties including;- Avocadoes, Tomatoes, Bananas (probably the sweetest in the world, and known as Honey Bananas), sugar, Oranges, Lemons, Limes, Coffee, , the list goes on.. ..

On the southern tip of the island you will find the largest area of sand dunes anywhere in Europe – a veritable mini Sahara desert! (bearing in mind, we are only 115km from Africa – it’s hardly surprising that we have similar weather conditions in parts of the island). What is surprising however, is that while the sun beats down on the beaches, only 40 km inland, there could well be caps of snow on our highest peaks.

We also have large areas of pine forests, and then there are lakes dotted throughout the mountains, and tiny villages nestled in the most picturesque of settings, with views that stretch forever – Not my idea of barren! The south of the island is drier, while the north is much more verdant. In fact, there are 5 different temperate zones within the confines of this island alone.

Many text books and web pages in fact describe Gran Canaria as a Mini Continent! Much of the good weather we enjoy here, is actually a result of the trade winds (which somehow protect us from Most of natures anger), allowing year round ideal weather.

The average summer temperatures are around 24-25 degrees, whilst the winter drops to a rather chilly 18-19 degrees. Along with this rather enticing reason to live here, there are more benefits!

The W.H.O. (World Health Organization) published a report a few years ago, which stated that Gran Canaria has the healthiest air in the world! Although these temperatures are averages, we are far more likely to exceed the summer temperatures, than we are to fall lower than the average winter temperatures.

In fact, a few weeks ago, on top of the summer norms, we had a heatwave, a calima and a cerocco – which lifted the temperatures to a staggering 52 degrees in some parts of the island. Thank God, here in Gran Canaria, you are never that far from the sea or a pool for a cooling refreshing dip!.

Other sporting activities which can be enjoyed here in Gran Canaria, include; Golf (there are numerous courses, in immaculate condition scattered throughout the Island. In fact Spain’s first golf course was actually here – not on the Spanish mainland (which the locals tend to call ‘La Penninsular’).

You can also try your hand at Horse riding, hiking, mountain biking, quad biking, pot holing, climbing and of course absailing, paint ball, and something I myself am keen to try, which is hang-gliding.

When it comes to the evening, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to ‘what to do’. The island probably has one of the highest per capita ratios of restaurants to inhabitants that I’ve ever expirianced! And when you’re tired of the best filet steaks you’ve ever tasted, there’s still plenty to enjoy to while away the balmy evenings.

Whether your cup of tea is the local karaoke venue (most of which normally offer rather good cash prizes), or something a little more sophisticated such as the show which is performed nGran Canaria

Those wishing to discuss in more detail, just how much we can do to facilitate your purchase here in Gran Canaria, you could either call our freephone hotline number, or call in at either of our two offices on the island, one being in Playa del Ingles (Spain’s second largest holiday resort), or the other in the picturesque fishing village of Puerto Mogan.

Although both of these offices are situated in the south of the island, the properties that we have to offer cover the whole of Gran Canaria. So which ever part of the island you choose to call home, we can help bring your dreams to life. You may also be pleasantly surprised to find just how easy it is to purchase abroad, and our expert team staff members can advise you from a wealth of experience as to the best ways to deal with whatever may crop up unexpectedly!


Gran Canaria Property

Gran Canaria – a beautiful miniature continent in the middle of the azul blue Atlantic Ocean – a true paradise for sun, sand, sea and sangria lovers!!

Offering an area of only 1532 square meters it is truly magical that the island has three climate zones – continental, tropical and sub-tropic. Being a volcanic island, the scenery is spectacular. You will find the west coast and the centre of the island very dramatic with its surreal mountain peaks, stunning flora & fauna, turquoise mountain lakes, fantastic views and canarian towns with majestic cathedrals and beautiful original buildings that dates hundreds of years back.

The east and south coast is what has made Gran Canaria a very popular holiday destination, with beaches to die for and year around sunshine. With areas to suit everybody’s wishes and budgets, you will be spoiled for choice. There is something to do and enjoy for absolutely everyone!! The capital of Las Palmas at the north of the island is now a modern cosmopolitan city – a good mixture of original canarian charm and modern architecture, and has a population of approx. 480.000 inhabitants. This city is definitely to be explored.

Over the past 20 years the island has been discovered by all Europeans, and for some the dream of a life abroad has been realized. With properties to suit every pocket, the island has now got more than 10.000 ex-pats most commonly choosing the areas of Maspalomas, Puerto Rico, Puerto de Mogan and Playa del Ingles.

Many of all these different nationalities came to the island with very little knowledge to the Spanish language and traditions. In order to find their dream home they went for advice with the professionals and decided to purchase their future home or holiday home with us.

The company offers a wide range of properties in all sizes and cover the whole of Gran Canaria, in other words – something for everyone!! Based in the two main areas in the south (Playa del Ingles & Puerto de Mogan) and covering the main European languages, the quality and service is fantastic.

The Island has so much to offer whether it is for a week holiday, working out here, retiring or just simply live the lifestyle!