Fuerteventura Property

Fuerteventura Real Estate Agents have a commitment to place within the reach of our customers, services that match and exceed their requirements, as well as ensuring that the products and services supplied comply with their purpose and legal requirements.

We aim to improve our communication channels across all areas of the Canary Islands Real Estate company as well as with our customers in order to understand the customers experience and through sharing information and best practice, ensure our service is the best possible at all times. Thus developing satisfied and loyal customers who are interested in buying Real Estate in Fuerteventura.

Real Estate in Fuerteventura focusses mainly in Corralejo (the North of the island) and in Calete de Fuste (the middle of the island). Our dedicated team, once you have registered an interest in buying property in the Canary Islands, will contact you to find out what type of property you are looking for and

fuerteventura Properties who can help you make your holiday arrangements during your next visit to the islands and arrange an appointment to discuss your dream home and financial options with one of the fully trained Sales Consultants and Financial Services experts.
Fuerteventura is the island of contrasts and that applies to property as well as the captivating scenery, of volcanic rugged terrain surrounding aqua frothy seas and it’s numerous black, white and golden fine sand beaches or the proud lush green palms that gently sway to and fro in the cavernous valleys, overshadowed by the proud dominating mountains that subtly change colour throughout the day as they are kissed by the warm rays of golden sunshine and floating flotsam of fluffy white cloud.

Once you have visited Fuerteventura and been beguiled by it’s natural beauty, the warmth and generosity of the people, and the year long clement weather conditions, we know you will want to visit us again and again, laying down your roots for the future. So let us be your guide to Fuerteventura and purchasing your very own dream home in Fuerteventura the sun.

Guide to Fuerteventura, Canary Islands:
Parque Natural de Corralejo y Lobos (nature reserve)
Los Lobos – a boat trip to the 6sq Km island and escape from everything.
Betancuria Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography
Tefia Craft Village

More Important Fuerteventura Facts:
Population: 30.000
Time difference to London – Time zone GMT/UTC: 0 hours
Climate – 20ºC (68ºF) in winter months and about 25ºC (77ºF) in the summer.